About us

As Swindon and Wiltshire’s biggest independent news outlet, Wiltshire 999s brings its readership public interest stories from across the county – quickly and for free.

Every day – rain or shine – our dedicated small team of reporters and photographers work around the clock to break the latest news. From major incidents to what’s on in your area, we have it all.

While we have to carry advertising to fund our website and staff costs, we aim to ensure that they are as unintrusive as possible. We hope our readers find a good balance between news content and adverts.

We use our audience to do good things in the community. Since 2018, we’ve raised more than £31,000 through fundraising campaigns. For example, in March 2020 we raised more than £26,000 for a 89-year-old beekeeper who lost his setup in an arson attack. Last Christmas (2020), we handed over nearly £1,300 to an elderly man who’s home and possessions were destroyed in a fire on Christmas Day.

Wiltshire 999s sells news – including information, words and pictures – to national and international news organisations and agencies. Our content has been featured on the BBC, Sky News, The Sun, MailOnline, The Guardian, TheLADBible and many more.

We are not a member of an independent press regulator but strive to abide by the ISPO’s Editors’ Code of Practice. Complaints are handled internally. You can find how to complain here.

Got a story, question, comment or compliment? Get in touch via our contact us page.