WhatsApp News Service

**Sorry, this service is no longer available**

Our WhatsApp News Service brings you the latest breaking and local 999 news stories directly to your mobile phone. Launched in late 2017, the service already serves over 2,000 subscribers.

We’ll send you updates on a breaking news, popular stories and important road closures due to 999 incidents, helping you stay up to date and avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Here’s how to subscribe:

1. Download WhatsApp and ensure notifications are turned on

2. Save our newsdesk number 07794802940 in your phone as Wiltshire 999s – you MUST save this number as a contact otherwise you will not receive our messages

3. Send us a message in WhatsApp saying: NEWS

That’s it, you’re done. Soon, you’ll start to receive our news updates. We’ll aim to send four updates per day, but that may vary during quiet or busy times.

We won’t use your mobile number for anything else – just this WhatsApp service. You may receive one or two advertisements per week, this helps to fund the service.

We strongly remind the users of this service to only use their mobile phone when it is safe and legal to do so – please do not use WhatsApp while you are driving.

Opt out of this service by sending STOP to 07794802940 via WhatsApp (not text).

Not receiving messages after signing up?

If you’re not receiving any messages after five days of signing up – you’ve signed up incorrectly. Please follow the above three steps again, making sure to add us as a contact in your phonebook and send a message saying NEWS to us via WhatsApp, not text message.