Frequently asked questions

How big is your news team?
We have one 24-hour on-call news reporter and photographer. We also have freelance photographers based in Devizes, Bradford-on-Avon, Melksham, Amesbury and Durrington – they will only attend more serious incidents at the request of the duty reporter.
How do you publish breaking news stories so quickly?
More often than not, it is the public who make us aware of ongoing incidents. The sooner we’re aware, the sooner we can attend. Once on scene, the story could be live with some basic information and a photograph within ten minutes. As accredited press, we also have access to the emergency services’ press offices and control room/incident managers in order to gather information and request statements.
Do you copy content from other local news outlets?
No. This would land us in serious legal trouble. Any content you see duplicated across different news outlets is likely to be part of a press release – content which is released to the press by organisations for use in stories. This can include photos, words and quotes.